CCN Beacon
Volume 1   Number 1           July  1998

         Welcome to the premiere issue of the CCN Beacon, a bimonthly newsletter highlighting issues and information about the Chebucto Community Net. Your comments and feedback are welcome. Send them to the Editor, Andrew D. Wright  <> and please state whether the letter may be used in a future letters column.

This Issue:

The User Reference Index:
Margaret C. Douma is starting to solve the age-old CCN problem of useful information being available in the CCN Archives, but not being easy to find. Try looking for it here!

Feature Article:
"Bigger Than A Breadbox" Andrew D. Wright examines the Chebucto Community Net from the inside out in this exploration of the New Reality. Well, one of them anyway.

Navigation Aids:
Margaret C. Douma writes for the CCN new user. You're having trouble finding your way around? None of this stuff is making sense? Why don't they just say it in English? Have we got a column for you!

CCN IP Haven:
Jason Kenney explores CCN's Information Provider system. Did you know your IP site can have its own web address? Find out about CCN Virtual Domains right here!

Full Sail:
Norman De Forest gives Power Users some power tools to work with. Hate scrolling through screens of text to get to the bit you want? Well, take a look here for the secrets the pros use.

Jonathan G. Sharkey highlights CCN user Profile pages. Some CCN users have built incredible sites in their web space and they are well worth checking out. Take a peek at what some of your neighbours have been up to.

Userhelp FAQ:
Andrew D. Wright, a CCN Userhelp volunteer, answers the three most commonly asked Userhelp questions.


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