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          Here are three commonly asked questions to CCN's Userhelp, in no particular order.


          I'm over quota and I don't know why. What's going on?

          The incredible all-volunteer CCN tech team have moved all of Chebucto over onto one machine and upgraded both the Lynx text browser and the Pine email program in the bargain. Now we all start shaking out the inevitable bugs in the way all the new stuff is set up. This is a group effort - think of it as an electronic barn-raising.

          One of the problems some people have been having is with their Lynx configuration file. There is a space for a language preference there called "Preferred Document Language" and it can have only one of two things in it. It is either set to English, which means that the blank has "en" (without the quotes) in it or it is set to French and has "fr" (without the quotes) there. No other letters or symbols can be there. To get to your Lynx configuration, press "s" (without the quotes) while in the Lynx browser. Find the Preferred Document Language form and change it to your preferred language (en or fr only) then scroll to the bottom of the page and highlight [Save Settings] then hit Enter.

          If this has been improperly set then you may end up with a large file in your directory (often as large as 8000 k) called "core". Core can be created by other processes too but the cure is always the same. Delete the file. To get to your file directory, press "gfiles" (without the quotes). To delete a file, press "r" (without the quotes) for remove then "y" to confirm that yes, you really do want to send that file to the bit bucket.


          Is the TIN newsreader coming back?

          Yes, but as of this writing no date has been set for its return. When it does, it too will have been upgraded so the wait will be worth it. In the meantime, the Pine email program can be configured to read newsgroups. Did I mention that the tech team are an all-volunteer outfit? As in, people with technical knowledge who volunteer their time....

          Hint, hint.


          I'm getting advertising with my name on it I didn't sign up for. What should I do?

          Number one: Do not respond to it! The people who send these messages out are lying, thieving scum. They have no honor. If the message says, " To remove yourself from this mailing list, reply with 'REMOVE', etc. etc...." DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. This is a ploy to verify that your address is genuine so they can sell it to other scum for a higher price. There are no EMail Marketing Standards Associations or anything else. Unsolicited commercial email or "spam" senders gather addresses in hundreds of different ways so don't take one addressed to you personally. And for crying out loud never ever buy a product or service you see advertised in this manner. Reputable marketers do not spam, they don't hijack other people's servers to send it and they do not forge email headers.

          Userhelp guru and CCN Beacon columnist Norman De Forest is one of the brave souls actively fighting this plague upon the net. His site contains many useful anti-spam tools for those wishing to take up arms and fight the good fight. He can use the company.


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