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Volume 1   Number 3           December  1998

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This Issue:

The User Reference Index:
Margaret C. Douma continues to solve the age-old CCN problem of useful information being available in the CCN Archives, but not being easy to find. Try looking for it here!

Remote Employment:
Margaret C. Douma explores the new face of work where you may never meet your boss and you can work from your home. Pick up some pointers on what to watch for and learn some of the secrets of the trade.

Message In A Box:
Email. It's probably the reason you got a CCN account, but how much do you know about it? Andrew D. Wright discovers its unexpected history and hints of its future in this bonus second feature article.

"Kiri" goes out on the web and checks out some areas off the beaten path in this provocative article reprinted with permission from the National Capital FreeNet FreeNews.
Subject matter may not be appropriate for those of a sensitive disposition.

CCN IP Haven:
Glenn Euloth investigates Remote Administration of Chebucto IP sites and shows you how you too can do it all. Full setups and all the steps are laid out for you by this experienced IP editor.

Full Sail:
Norman De Forest shows you the secrets of sending mail from a web page and how you can set this up yourself on your own web pages. In the process, he saves the Earth from hostile space aliens. Sounds strange? Well, see for yourself.

Mike Cormier highlights some User Profile pages of interest.
Some followed links may not be appropriate for those of a sensitive disposition.

Userhelp FAQ:
Andrew D. Wright answers three more questions from the files of CCN Userhelp. What do I do about harassing email? When is TIN coming back? Why have I been having trouble connecting?

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