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          Here are three commonly asked questions to CCN's Userhelp, in no particular order.


          When is Tin coming back?

          Editor's note 20/04/1999: Tin has been returned to active status after all - use the g)o tin shortcut in Lynx - and questions may be directed to

          Here's the deal: Tin isn't coming back. Not officially anyway. Userhelp and CCN Tech both will only support PINE, the CCN email program for reading Usenet posts.

          Tin lovers should not despair though. The old Tin is back in the form of beta-tin. First, here are the conditions. It is offered as-is with no guarantees of any kind. It may be withdrawn from service at any time. There are currently no plans to develop it further. There is a beta-tin mailing list where user questions should go to, NOT to Userhelp and NOT to CCN Tech. The address is This month's Full Sail column by Norman De Forest is all the online documentation that will be put up for it, so read that column first before asking any questions.

          To put yourself on the beta-tin list, send an email to with this in the message body, exactly as written:

subscribe beta-tin

Do not drop this down a line, indent it, or capitalize anything. You are sending it to a computer program that doesn't understand too much. If you have a signature file you are using, delete it from your message.

          You will get a response from majordomo within a few minutes if the system isn't busy. Save this email so you can unsubscribe if necessary. You will then be added to the beta-tin mailing list.

          Put this link somewhere you can access it; your x-welcome.html page, your bookmarks file, or a web page:

<a href="lynxprog:/csuite/lynxexec/news">Beta-tin newsreader</a>

          You can then use this link to access beta-tin once you have gotten a positive response from majordomo.


          Why do I get a dead.letter file every time I cancel sending an email?

          This is a user configurable option. Press 'm' (without the quotes) for Menu while in PINE. Hit 's' (w.t.q.) for Setup then 'c' (w.t.q.) for Configuration. Scroll down until you see:

                    [  ] quell-dead-letter-on-cancel

then highlight it and hit 'x' (the letter x without quotes). You should now see:

                    [X] quell-dead-letter-on-cancel

Hit 'e' (w.t.q.) to Exit and 'y' (w.t.q.) for Yes to save the changed option.

          The other time a dead.letter file occurs is when the system rejects sending a letter due to a full disk or other system error. This file can then be used by you to recover your letter and won't be affected by this option change.


          Where should I send questions?

          Chebucto User Support is broken down to different lists covering different areas of responsibility. Please remember when sending a question that it is a volunteer who will be answering it.

          For general questions about CCN,

          For general questions about Chebucto Plus, our new PPP service for Sustaining Members,

          For questions about technical problems on CCN,

          For questions about CCN Information Providers,

          For complaints about CCN Users violating the CCN User Agreement,


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