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Volume 2   Number 2           April  1999

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         Another month of changes and news. Our coverage of the Y2K problem continues with updated resources and we thank all the people who wrote in. Keep checking in - this section gets updated! Power users and HTML writers will want to study this month's extra-special Full Sail column and anyone running a mailing list should bookmark the IP Haven page. We have more CCN user Profiles to show you, more questions of yours answered, and we begin a new column exploring the new century ahead and laying out The Big Picture for you. Come on in and look around!

         The Beacon is edited by Andrew D. Wright who welcomes your feedback.

         Beacon proofreader Barbara Langille deserves special praise for her hard work this month.


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Last Updated: 1 May 1999


This Issue:

The User Reference Index:
Margaret C. Douma continues to solve the age-old CCN problem of useful information being available in the CCN Archives, but not being easy to find. Try looking for it here!

The CCN Beacon Y2K Section:

Andrew D. Wright tells you what you need to know to cope with the infamous Year 2000 problem in this special section. How to diagnose your computer, how to fix Microsoft Windows, where to look for information about your software and hardware, and links to resources are all right here! This section is updated regularly.

The Big Picture:
Life in the 21st Century

Andrew D. Wright premieres this new column examining the changes in the world around us and what they could mean. In this edition we start our trip to the future by looking at the past looking at the future. Sound intriguing? See what the awakened sleeper saw, right here.
CCN IP Haven:
Glenn Euloth explores mailing lists, the CCN Information Provider's secret weapon, in Part II of his two part series on majordomo, CCN's virtual secretary. Learn what you can do and how you can do it, all laid out for you by an expert.

Full Sail:
Norman De Forest has outdone himself this month with the definitive guide to Special Characters on the web. Webmasters will want to bookmark the ISO-Latin-1 Characters and Character Entities page and everyone else will want to see how they can finally read accented letters and symbols the way they were meant to be seen.

Robert W. Keereweer continues his exploration of the web pages of Chebucto users who have built interesting and enlightening sites in their web space. Come along with him and see what he's found this time and learn how you can do the same!

Userhelp FAQ:
Andrew D. Wright answers three new questions from the files of CCN Userhelp. How do I reduce my quota when I'm over? How do I download a file? How do I upload a file?

The Chebucto Community Net is a volunteer-run network. Check here for information on what you can do to help out - and how we can help you!

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         Coming June! More new things to learn as our exploration of the developing world online continues. Did you know that traffic on the Internet is growing at 10 % a week? What does this mean to you? Find out right here in the CCN Beacon: your window on the Internet!




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