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Volume 2   Number 3           June - July  1999

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         It's an exciting time here in our little corner of cyberspace. This issue of the Beacon marks our first anniversary, and it also marks the Chebucto Community Net's fifth birthday, making us the oldest independent ISP in town. Five years might not sound like much out in the Real World, but go find a five year old computer price list and take a look at a recent one if you want a reminder of how far things have come.

         Come on in and take a look around. We have feature articles, regular columnists, reference articles, news, and still more to come!

         The Beacon is edited by Andrew D. Wright who welcomes your feedback.

         Thanks to Beacon proofreader Barbara Langille and all the hard working and talented volunteers who have kept this newsletter going and our readership growing. Here's to next year!


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Updated: 24 July 1999


This Issue:

The User Reference Index:
Margaret C. Douma continues to solve the age-old CCN problem of useful information being available in the CCN Archives, but not being easy to find. Try looking for it here!

The CCN Beacon Y2K Section:

Andrew D. Wright updates you on what you need to know to cope with the infamous Year 2000 problem in this special section. How to diagnose your computer, how to fix Microsoft Windows, where to look for information about your software and hardware, and what local news has happened since April, plus links to resources are all right here!

The Golden Keyboard:
John Haughn tells a story of what happens when you put your small business on the web. Are those modem lines paved with gold? Are you going to get rich quick? Find out some of the unexpected pitfalls and rewards of online commerce.
And Now,
The News

Margaret C. Douma explores the world of online news. You want The World At Six, but it's 11:30? No fear, our intrepid reporter will show you the way.
CCN IP Haven:
Glenn Euloth explores the future of your web pages with Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. See how easy it is to add zip to your site and to modify all your pages with just changing one small file.

Note: this article is designed to be read with a CSS compliant browser such as Netscape Navigator 4 or MS Internet Explorer 4 or newer.

Full Sail:
Norman De Forest continues his series on how to bring special characters to life on your web pages and browser. Find out why little old Lynx is better than the big two browsers at showing you what is there - once you know its secrets, and you can learn them here.

Userhelp FAQ:
Andrew D. Wright answers three new questions from the files of CCN Userhelp.

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         The CCN Beacon is in need of writers, columnists and graphics designers. Your reward is a credit which will last the ages, the knowledge that hundreds of people will read your words and the experience - an opportunity for growth. Send in a small sample of your work or URL to

         We need a couple of our regular column spots filled, and perhaps start up some new ones. Ideas for feature articles as well as writers wishing to 'freelance' writing them are more than welcome as are graphics people to help illustrate. Write in for more information.


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