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         We're now done at the Word On The Street Street Fair on Spring Garden Road for this year. The event was an overwhelming success, with an estimated 40,000 people in attendance with no small percentage of them coming through the Chebucto tent. Many thanks to all the hard-working volunteers, Information Providers and Chebucto Board members who turned out and pitched in.

         Here's some highlights from the party. Excuse the large picture file sizes; this page was edited on the fly through the day. Thanks to the Eastern Passage CAP site for the loan of their excellent digital camera.

The CCN Tent

The Chebucto tent was in the lawn right next to DalTech across from the Spring Garden Road Public Library.

MP Gordon Earle gives certificate to Board Chair
Halifax West MP Gordon Earle presents a congratulatory certificate to Chebucto Board Chair Michael Colborne.

The birthday cake
The Chebucto 5th Anniversary Birthday Cake, generously donated by Sobey's at 2651 Windsor St. It's all gone now. :-)

MP Gordon Earle and friends
Halifax West MP Gordon Earle meets with Board IP Chair Doug McCann and Communications Chair Sue Newhook just before we started the party.

Enjoying a moment
Board Technical Chair David Murdoch and Board Membership Chair Krista Olmstead take a moment's break while Board Communications Chair Sue Newhook works the crowd.

Crowd gathers inside tent
We've been getting big crowds all day long here in the Chebucto tent. Here Chebucto Board Chair Michael Colborne talks to a Chebucto user.

The Mobile Office

         We've brought the CCN Office to you! Communications Director Sue Newhook helps Andrew Wright with setting up the mobile office.

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