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Volume 2   Number 5           October - November  1999

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Updated: 1 November 1999

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This Issue:

The User Reference Index
Margaret C. Douma continues to solve the age-old CCN problem of useful information being available in the CCN Archives, but not being easy to find. Try looking for it here!

The CCN Beacon Y2K Section:

Andrew D. Wright keeps you updated on what you need to know to cope with the infamous Year 2000 problem in this special section. How to diagnose and make your computer Y2K compliant, how to fix Microsoft Windows, where to look for information about your software and hardware, plus links to resources are all right here!

When We Were Five:
On CCN's Fifth Year

Chebucto's Board Chair Michael Colborne reflects on Chebucto's past and present.

Chebucto Community Net and the VolNet Program
Chebucto's Executive Director Leo J. Deveau tells all about the VolNet program and Chebucto.

Chebucto And Friends
At Word On The Street!

Andrew D. Wright shows some of the highlights from this year's Word On The Street fair and Chebucto's 5th birthday with photos courtesy CCN Tech.

Surfing For Skeptics
Margaret C. Douma presents some web resources for people looking for just the facts.

Error 404:
That Page Is Still On Break

Norman De Forest revisits those lost signposts of the internet, the 404 pages that someone took some time to write.

Watt's Laws
Corporate Charity

Chris Watt takes a humorous look at corporate culture.
Full Sail:
Power User Tips

Norman De Forest takes the mystery out of how to make Image Maps. What's your pleasure? Server side or client side, you'll see how to make them work for you.

Userhelp FAQ:
Andrew D. Wright answers three new questions from the files of CCN Userhelp.

Back Issues
CCN Beacon. Volumes 1 (Three issues) and 2 (Four issues).

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