Chebucto Community Net press release
September 15, 2008

HALIFAX, NS, 15 September 2008

Phase one of a network which could bring community-based, high-speed wireless Internet access to much of HRM has been successfully launched by the Chebucto Community Net (CCN)

CCN pioneered the concept of community based, low-cost Internet access in HRM in 1994 and, as the much admired second oldest community net in Canada, has provided high quality service on a non-profit basis for 14 years.

From a radio transmitter located on top of Fenwick Tower, CHEBUCTO WIRELESS has produced a signal which, relayed through nodes (modified personal computers with aerials attached) located at Spencer House and a private residence on Morris Street, has beamed a wireless connection through an area bounded by Queen, Morris, South Park and Clyde Streets.

The network, operational since April, is already providing free access to the websites of all levels of government as well as other public service sites. Full access to the Internet is acquired through a Chebucto Plus level membership in Chebucto Community Net at $100 per year (equivalent to $8.33 per month).

Chebucto Wireless has already been endorsed by several community organizations including Spencer House, the Imagine Bloomfield Society, Dartmouth Work Activity Centre and St. Vincent Seniors Residence.

"Chebucto Wireless could be a first in Canada," says Bernie Hart, Chair of the Board of Directors of CCN. "Successful, world-class cities often pay much attention to involvement with major buildings and developments. But they must also build on their neighbourhoods and this is a neighbour-to-neighbour development concept. Neighbourhoods in HRM will decide where we expand and the people who live in these communitites will make the network a success through their responsibility and commitment to it and to each other."

Hart adds that "Chebucto helped put HRM on the map as one of Canada's 'smart cities' and we think it's quite appropriate that through Chebucto Wireless we're now ready to take things to an even higher level."



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