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Photo: Signs of the times

There were a wide variety of home made protest signs. At some protests, people all carry the same sign or one or two variants. Here it is clear that people all had their own ideas for the messages they wanted to send.

Photo: Imperial flag

Another of the larger protest signs, a flag for the new American Empire.

One of the many charges protesters make against the Bush Administration is the adoption of the recommendations of a right wing Washington think tank, the Project for a New American Century, which essentially wants the U.S. to use military force to create a global empire or "Pax Americana". More on this here

Critics of this plan describe it as more of a return to colonialism - using superior military force to secure the natural resources of other countries for American use.

Photo: Message to Paul Martin

Another message directed at Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Despite near-universal condemnation of the effectiveness of missile defence shields by scientists, the Bush Administration is pressuring Canada to take part in a multi-billion dollar missile defence plan.

Photo: Bush is not popular

Another anti-Bush sign.

At this point, the crowd began to start moving down Barrington Street towards Cornwallis Park.

Photo: Barrington Street

More signs. Halifax Police were stationed on side streets and between them and protest organizers, the crowd kept to Barrington Street without incident.

Photo: More signs

It took quite a while for the crowd to empty out of the Parade Square onto Barrington Street.

Photo: Bush painting

Many people have drawn comparisons between Bush Administration policies and the policies of the 20th century Nazi party leader. There are some surface similarities - for example, both men came to power with the support of Big Business, exploited fear of social change to influence their respective electorates, and both felt world opinion had no place in their foreign policies.

Critics counter that such comparisons trivialize the evils done by the Nazis, a point which carries no small amount of truth of its own.

Photo: Color flash

Trying to take pictures of the crowd while moving meant not all of them came out properly. This picture means nothing in particular but came out so pretty that I'm including it anyway.

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