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Photo: Tree damage

Broken trees line the path. The sheer force of Hurricane Juan is apparent from the aftermath; trees that weren't snapped off were ripped from the ground.

Photo: Hill view

Looking up the hill from the shore road the trees look as if they were flattened by a giant's footprints. Photographs don't really convey the damage - few trees are left intact, the rest form a blanket covering everything.

Photo: Tree damage

McNabs Island, in the distance, was damaged by the hurricane as badly as Point Pleasant Park was.

Photo: Crow

A crow perches on a downed tree. All along the shore road, crows, blue jays and squirrels watched the crowds walking past.

Photo: Lawn damage

These stones were washed up on the lawn from the beach several metres away.

Photo: More lawn damage

This used to be a lawn with some trees there to provide shade.

Photo: More lawn damage

The high waves that washed up all these rocks on the once pristine lawn must have been been very powerful.

Photo: Flattened trees

Another giant's footprint flattened a swath of trees at the southern tip of Point Pleasant Park.

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