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Your community -- online!

More than 2,400 members, and more than 250 community groups and local businesses call Chebucto home.

Chebucto Community Net is a federally registered charitable organization, working since 1994 to help people and groups to take part in the global electronic community.

Mostly run by volunteers donating their time and teaching each other new skills, Chebucto is more than just another Internet Service Provider….

…. we’re Halifax’s longest running independent Internet Service Provider, and more….

Chebucto offers two ways to connect to the Internet….

And our Chebucto Plus full graphical access to the Internet for our Sustaining members - only $100 per year!

Plus, with our WebMail service, you can access your Chebucto mailbox from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection - with the security of strong 128 bit encryption!

And of course, you can always come see the live view of the mouth of Halifax Harbour with our WebCam view from the roof of the tallest building in Halifax!

Community groups and small local businesses are also welcome to join our online community!

We offer a range of services for community groups and small businesses.

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Author: Andrew D. Wright

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