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Margaret C. Douma
Beacon Correspondent
Andrew D. Wright

Last revised: October 1999






Reading Newsgroups

          Newsgroups are like bulletin boards, where people with common interests can post messages, ask and answer questions, and generally share information.

          For an introduction to newsgroups and usenet, try these:

Introduction to News and Newsreaders

Introduction to News (Usenet)

          At Chebucto Community Net, there are two ways to access newsgroups. One way is through Pine, the same program that handles your email.

          Information about using Pine to read newsgroups:

The Pine Newsreader

Reading News with Pine


          The other way is to use a program called Tin. At this time (August 1999) Tin is supported by CCN Userhelp, but due to manpower limitations it is not being supported by CCN-Tech, so do not ask them about it.

          To access the newsgroups using Tin, type: gtin

The Beacon Full Sail column on Tin (where it is referred to as beta-tin)

Introduction to Tin

The CCN User Guide section on Tin (Usenet Newsgroups) has good tips to remember when posting, as well as an outline of how to use Tin.

The CCN Internet Guide and Tutorial has a section on Using Usenet.

          There is also plenty of help to be found on specific problems with Newsgroups:

Yanking in Newsgroups

News Posting Errors

Newsgroups Gone, Restarting Dead Newsgroups and Empty Newsgroups, are all very similar.

Subscribing to Newsgroups

Cancelling News Postings

Stalled Newsgroups